Woman calls 911 to report Taco Bell closed & being robbed; police say she was just really high — Sabrina Dickerson arrested

46-year-old Sabrina Dickerson called 911 to report the Taco Bell in Lebanon was closed. She believed something more sinister may be going on, and that there could be a robbery happening inside, so she called 911. Lebanon Police arrived, claimed she was high on drugs, stating she was “acting as if she was speaking Japanese”, and took her into custody. A Commissioner released her, ROR.

Repeat offender violates conditions of release when found with unconscious girlfriend

36-year-old Jeremy Rhodes was charged with domestic assault, disorderly conduct, and filing a false report after police conducted a welfare check on his girlfriend and found him at the residence with her bruised, unconscious, and requiring Narcan.

Too much honky in his tonk, man charged with disorderly conduct at Cahoots

21-year-old James Dushek was charged with disorderly conduct after he refused to leave Cahoots Dancehall and Honky Tonk.