Lebanon resident “fist bumps” and excessively harasses police at Executive Inn

36-year-old James Frisby was charged with violation of probation and non-verbal harassment after falsely claiming that an officer swore at him and calling Lebanon Police over 15 times without a legitimate purpose.

On May 23rd, Sgt. Puritte was notified that multiple calls had been received at the Executive Inn located on 631 S. Cumberland St by James Frisby. Cpl. Kelley answered the call by going to talk with Frisby. According to the affidavit, there was no imminent danger and the two “fist bumped” upon departure, and Kelley was under the assumption that everything was fine.

James Frisby (WCSO)
James Frisby (WCSO)

Following Kelley’s leaving from the Inn, Frisby once again called LPD, making the claim that the corporal had sworn at him. Video evidence from Kelley’s body camera disproved Frisby’s statement. Frisby continued to call the police, however, calling over 15 times in an “offensively repetitious manner” without an actual purpose.

James Frisby was arrested and charged with harassment and a violation of his probation. His bond was set at $6,000.

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