Woman hits father, mother gets cut over his “tone of voice”

21-year-old Celeste Norden was charged with domestic assault after she hit her father because of the tone of his voice and then her mother got cut when she tried helping him, per report.

On November 2nd, Mt. Juliet Police Officer Elliott arrived at 3012 Dunedin Court in response to a domestic assault call. Upon arrival, Richard and Barbara Norden advised their daughter, Celeste Norden, just came back home from a mental hospital.

Celeste Norden (WCSO)
Celeste Norden (WCSO)

According to the report, Richard said an argument over his tone of voice started and Celeste hit him in the head. He then attempted to control her, and Barbara stated she tried helping him during the altercation and ended up cutting her arm. The officer noted marks on both Richard’s and Barbara’s arms.

Celeste Norden was arrested and charged with domestic assault. She was later released on her own recognizance.

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