Woman hits father, mother gets cut over his “tone of voice”

21-year-old Celeste Norden was charged with domestic assault after she hit her father because of the tone of his voice and then her mother got cut when she tried helping him, per report.

Concerned bystander tells police two women are slumped in vehicle; driver charged with DUI

26-year-old Destiny Herron was charged with DUI after she and a passenger were found slouched over in the front seat of her vehicle with the keys in the ignition and an open beer bottle in the cupholder.

Police chase on I-40 West comes to a close for car thief

37-year-old Russell Scott was charged with theft of property, reckless endangerment, evading arrest and the fourth offense of driving on a revoked license. Scott’s charges stem from stealing a Ford Mustang, then driving away from law enforcement despite multiple commands to stop. The Mustang’s estimated value was $11,000.