DUI: Man offers to f-*- Watertown Police Officer “in the booty” during rant after arrest — Arthur Robinson

73 in a 45 mph zone, which was the most exciting moment the tiny town of 1500’s police department had for the entire week. After officer Nick Deck made the arrest for DUI, Robinson decided to unleash a verbal assault on Officer Deck, offering to “f— you in the booty”, and detailing what a “sad b—-” the officer was. It’s so graphic, you’ll have to click for the details…

Motorcyclist leaves stolen bike unattended; discovered with previous warrant

feat Anderson, Taylor

26-year-old Taylor Anderson was charged with probation violation, theft, and possession of methamphetamine when police investigated an unattended motorcycle and discovered he had an outstanding warrant and the bike was stolen.

Motorcyclist charged with DUI told officers he had drinks at his birthday party before wreck

31-year-old Devon Kirby King Taylor was charged with driving under the influence when witnesses told officers he hit a median on his motorcycle. Authorities say Taylor admitted to drinking at his birthday party before crashing his bike.

Columbia motorcyclist gets nabbed for running light, says bathroom to blame

45-year-old Thomas Holcomb was charged for reckless driving after police spotted his motorcycle traveling irresponsibly on N. Mt. Juliet Road and used the excuse that he needed to use the bathroom.