Xanax found on woman who attempts to run from police

feat Wilson Casey

24-year old Casey Wilson was charged with possession of Xanax, evading arrest, and resisting arrest after she fled from police as they made contact with her and when apprehended, a Xanax fell from her bra, per report.

Custody debacle turns violent; woman punches her brother and his wife in the face

38-year-old Charity Sams was charged with domestic assault after she punched her brother and his wife in the face and breaks their back door frame over child custody.

Hand shaped print left on juvenile’s face by her grandfather; charged with assault

74-year-old Hobart Tisdale was charged with domestic assault after he admitted to slapping his granddaughter in the face during an argument.

Maryville man almost loses penis after demanding wife perform fellatio

41-year-old Jerry Anderson was charged with aggravated rape, aggravated assault, and domestic assault after strangling his wife until she was unconscious and forcing his penis into her mouth when she woke up.

VIDEO: Man streaks around Lebanon square; says he was “out for a stroll”

36-year-old John Davey was charged with indecent exposure after Lebanon Police Officers observed him walking around the square naked – and he told them he was “out for a stroll”.

Lebanon woman strikes ex-lover three times in the face, per report

21-year-old Alissa Kirby was charged with domestic assault after striking her ex-boyfriend in the face three times during a dispute. The man suffered facial bruising and cuts from Kirby’s attack.

Lebanon man shoves ex-wife/girlfriend into dresser during altercation

39-year-old Abrahan Quevedo was charged with domestic assault and failure to appear after shoving his girlfriend into a dresser during a dispute. A computer check revealed that Quevedo had an active warrant for his arrest due to failing to appear in court for an April 2018 incident also involving his then-wife.