Woman charged after two children under her care found crossing four lanes of traffic

feat Green Rubbie

38-year-old Rubbie Green was charged with two counts of child endangerment after leaving a 4-year-old she was babysitting and her 5-year-old unattended outside for an hour while she drank vodka in the house.

Xanax found on woman who attempts to run from police

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24-year old Casey Wilson was charged with possession of Xanax, evading arrest, and resisting arrest after she fled from police as they made contact with her and when apprehended, a Xanax fell from her bra, per report.

Young adult claims to be 11th-grader to Green Hill assistant principal; seen with 15-year-old girl

feat McFarland Ezekial

21-year-old Ezekiel McFarland was charged with criminal impersonation and improperly being on school premises when he went to Green Hill High School where he used the bathroom, was sent to the assistant principal office, requested a student’s 11th-grade class schedule, and sat down in a classroom.

Man charged after claiming ownership of multiple bags of meth at Lowe’s

23-year-old Kyle Loney was charged with possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia after he told authorities the drugs found inside an isolated vehicle belonged to him and not his passenger.

Duo causes ruckus at Lebanon hotel; man tells officers “F U” and “F the police”

30-year-old Mark Yurt and 53-year-old Sharyon Wells were charged with public intoxication after they screamed in their hotel room and were kicked out. Yurt was also charged with resisting arrest after he told officers “F U” and “F the police.”

Gallatin woman admits to having Xanax after attempting to steal from Walmart

21-year-old Alisha Ovalle was charged with possession of Xanax, gabapentin, and theft after she stole from Walmart and admitted to having drugs in her purse.

Man says, “No, I haven’t drank or done anything in 20 years;” charged with DUI

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48-year-old Stephen Bullard was charged with DUI after officers noticed two trucks that had crashed in the street and spoke to him in the back of an ambulance where he showed signs of intoxication.

Man crashes into tree, comes back to pick up his tools off of the street #DUI

30-year-old Spencer Thompson was charged with leaving the scene and DUI after he crashed his vehicle and admitted to drinking prior to driving.

Lebanon woman tells trooper that she had not been drinking; charged with DUI

42-year-old Carolyn Pfaff was charged with her second DUI and implied consent after claiming to not be drunk then failing sobriety tests performed by Highway Patrol Trooper.

Teen rapper charged after reportedly strangling his juvenile ex-girlfriend

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19-year-old Joshua Marion, Jr. (aka Teflon Mulla) was charged with a violation of his conditional release from a previous domestic assault after he reportedly strangled his juvenile ex-girlfriend.