Woman charged after cooking spaghetti in the street on a grill; no water/electricity in condo

46-year-old Stacy Sullivan was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest after she was caught cooking spaghetti on a grill in the street and going door to door yelling and threatening to bust her neighbors’ windows.

Teens caught with SKS rifle loaded with hollow-point ammo and over 86 grams of marijuana

18-year-old Mattie Averitt charged with marijuana for resale and firearm during the commission of a felony and 19-year old Laviticus Weir was charged with marijuana for resale, felon weapon possession, paraphernalia and driving without a license when the couple was pulled over for a light law violation.

Repeat offender charged with public intoxication

feat Purkerson Steven

39-year-old Steven Purkerson was charged with public intoxication when a Quik Stop employee reported a disorderly person.

Teen who wants to ride up front with mac-n-cheese hits mom and sister; returns months later for more

feat Bello, Jr. Mario

19-year-old Mario Bell, Jr. was charged with domestic assault after assaulting his mother and juvenile sister in July and then violating his conditions of release by showing up at his mother’s house and throwing her down the stairs.

Nashville man tries to pull one over on Walmart; attempts to steal over $250 worth of items

58-year-old Eddie Whitaker was charged with theft of merchandise when he was caught on video scanning $8.19 worth of items at the self-checkout at Walmart in Mt. Juliet. He walked out with over $250 worth that was not scanned.

Woman jailed after running off the road and performing poorly on field sobriety tasks

38-year-old Tiffany Marrone was charged driving under the influence and driving on a revoked license after she ran off the road, couldn’t tell authorities a straight story, and performed poorly on three out of four field sobriety tests.

Man admits to flashing gun to scare friend into paying what she owes

44-year-old Johnathan Bussey was charged with two counts of aggravated assault, unlawful possession of a weapon, and public intoxication when he flashed a gun in order to “scare” his friend into giving him the money she owed.

Mt. Juliet woman charged with DUI tells officers she was drinking at a wedding before driving

30-year-old Jessica Dunsavage was charged with driving under the influence after she crashed into a car that was in front of her and admitted to officers she had been drinking at a wedding earlier.

Vehicle swerves across the center lines multiple times; driver admits to drinking 4 beers

37-year-old Kenton Huens was charged with driving under the influence when an officer witnessed his vehicle cross over the center line multiple times.