Intoxicated man calls police when he runs out of gas, then asks to take blood test during arrest

feat Oneal, Robert

31-year-old Robert Oneal was charged with DUI after he called police because he ran out gas and was stranded, and was then observed to be intoxicated. While being detained, he asked the officer if he could take a blood test.

Teen driving without a license charged with underage drinking

feat Ayala, Gerardo

18-year-old Gerardo Ayala was charged with underage consumption of alcohol and driving without a license after an officer noticed the car he was driving drift into the officer’s lane.

Lebanon man steals $200 weed eater from local middle school

feat Neal, Jeffery

46-year-old Jeffery Neal was charged with theft of property after stealing a $200 weed eater from the fence line of the nearby middle school, per report.

Goodlettsville man’s failure to appear warrant leads to drug charges

feat Bolling, Daniel

28-year-old Daniel Bolling was charged with failure to appear, possession of heroin and suboxone, and unlawful drug paraphernalia when officers attempted to arrest him on a previous warrant, and there were scattered drugs and drug paraphernalia in the room.

Hendersonville man assaults woman and children; violates his conditions of release

feat Hernandez, Esteban

23-year-old Esteban Hernandez was charged with domestic assault, aggravated assault, and violating his conditions of release after he shoved the victim and her children despite having an active COR stating that he cannot have contact with her.

Lebanon man crashes his vehicle and admits to police that he drank before driving

22-year-old Tyler Higdon was charged with a DUI after he crashed and admitted to drinking alcohol prior to driving, per report.

Ashland City man out on bond for assault jailed again for speeding with subs and meth

27-year-old Dustin Ols was charged with possession of methamphetamine and suboxone and tampering with evidence after an officer caught him speeding 90 in a 70. Ols was on bond out of Davidson County for a domestic assault in June.

Woman found with heroin while being jailed for shoplifting from Mt. Juliet Walmart

34-year-old Francine Hammonds was charged with burglary, possession of heroin, and theft of merchandise when a Walmart employee observed her skip scanning on $89.68 worth of merchandise. While being jailed, heroin was found in her wallet.

Guatemalan man charged with reckless driving, no license after almost colliding with cop car

30-year-old Julian Vasquez was charged with reckless driving and driving without a license when he veered into the path of a patrol vehicle nearly causing a head-on collision.

Homeless man pesters patrons for crack #Arrested

39-year-old Steven Purkerson was charged with public intoxication when he was found by police unsteady on his feet and smelling of an intoxicant after they were called to 405 South Cumberland about him asking customers for crack.